Hi, I am Tatyana Deniz

I am an artist and a mum.

I create fun and easy drawing tutorials (also known as kawaii drawings). Drawings you would use to decorate a bullet journal, craft projects, or draw with your kids.

It’s hard to find time for drawing, especially if you are a mum or a busy adult. Yet drawing is so fundamental to us, even cave people did it. It’ the most direct form of communication we have, a language that is universally understood.

If you are not confident in your drawing skills, you are not alone. Schools are very good at teaching sciences, but most schools don’t focus on arts. That’s why many of us didn’t learn how to draw well. Didn’t develop this visual literacy.

Anyone can learn how to draw, I guarantee it. If you can handwrite – you can draw. You just need proper instructions and practice.

Learning to draw is just like learning any other language. You learn the words (how to draw individual objects). You learn the sentences (how to create compositions). You learn the rules. Then you are able to tell the stories that you are here to tell (draw from imagination). Shakespeare couldn’t have written his masterpieces, if he didn’t first learn the English language!

And like any language, it’s best to learn it as a child, when the skills come seamlessly and effortlessly.

That is why I created this website. I would sit down to draw with my kids, and my mind would go blank. What do I draw? Or my son would say, “Draw a house” and I would draw the same house over and over. That’s so boring! There are MANY kinds of houses out there, and I want him to know this.

This website is a collection of ideas and step-by-step tutorials for simple and cute drawings. They are ideal, if you are just starting to draw because you will get beautiful results very quickly. If you are experienced, you will find ideas to use into your own work. Yet the drawings are simple enough that the kids can understand and even reproduce them.

As parents, we may not have time for our own creative projects. But we can sit down and create together with our kids, while learning new skills ourselves.

Give yourself and your children the gift of visual literacy. It’s extremely fun and satisfying. And it’s a powerful communication tool that will unlock your own creativity.

You are insanely creative. I am just here to show you that it’s true.

lindaMy 8 year old daughter loves learning to draw with these tutorials. She says, “I think they are a fun way to learn how to draw…I like going through the steps and my favorite part is coloring the drawings and creating a scene when they are done.” As a mother, I enjoy seeing my daughter build her self confidence while honing her drawing and sketching skills.

–Linda Rocafort, mother of two daughters ages 8 and 3

dorotaMy 5 year old son loves drawing with you! The tutorials are very easy to follow, yet challenging enough to keep him interested and focused. The best part is seeing his own surprise when he looks at the final result of his work. Thank you, Tatyana, for your amazing tutorials!

–Dorota Kuzmicz, mother of a 5 year old son

Here is what you will find on this website:

  • Clear and step-by-step drawing tutorials that produce very satisfying results
  • Reference sheets you can use in your own projects, for example “20 ways to draw a cute doodle flower”
  • Ideas on how to convert your drawings into craft projects, such as greeting cards, plush toys, gifts, and home decoration pieces
  • Articles about psychology of drawing, how to teach kids to draw, and how to combine creativity and parenting

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I could tell you that I’ve been drawing since I was a child, but that wouldn’t be true. I didn’t begin to draw seriously until my late twenties!

I was born in Soviet Russia. During those times children were selected to master a skill only if they showed a special “talent” for it. I was merely average at drawing, so I just did the general art subjects at school. Which wasn’t much.

But the idea of drawing was always seductive to me. “Oh, if only I could…” I clearly remember asking for drawing lessons at the age of 10. Sadly this request was not taken seriously from a child of “average abilities”.

This experience transformed me. Now my passion is to help people bring creativity into their daily lives and to share it with their children. And it begins with knowing how to draw.

When I was 16, my family immigrated to New York. I got a degree in computer science, and went on to a successful corporate career. The money was good. The flexibility of work brought me all the way to Australia… Fantastic!

But I was still very unhappy.

I wanted to draw! Every day at my desk I felt like I was dying a little…

One day I was up for a promotion to a hot-shot position in the company, but didn’t get it. Apparently, petite blondes are not suited to leadership positions (true story!). So instead of fighting it, I quit my job and enrolled into Julian Ashton Art School full time. And never looked back.

I took my “average” drawing abilities and put them through the grinder of structured drawing lessons. You be the judge.

You can see more of my recent work by visiting the Recent Works page

This transformation happened to me. It can happen to you. This website is my way of helping you to achieve it, and to pass it on to your children.

Now, let’s draw!