The 100 Day Project (2019): Kawaii Doodle Page A Day

The 100 Day Project 2019 by Tatyana Deniz

This is my first year doing The 100 Day Project.

Scary. Exciting. Promising.

I am drawing a page of kawaii doodles each day using markers. No planning. Just drawing.

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Beyond just challenging myself to do something for 100 days, I want to push my “meticulous” self to be more loose and to draw these doodles without a sketching first.

You can learn more about “The 100 Day Project” on the official website.

Here we go! 

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Daily Drawing Diary

Day 1 – April 2, 2019: Doodle Nature

Today I did a page of “Nature” doodles. Which one is your favourite? Mine are the chestnuts and the acorn.

OMG!! Today was excruciating! The drawing came together at the end, but the whole time my mind was SCREAMING at me, “Are you sure this goes there?!! What if it doesn’t work?”

I just had to close my ears to it and press on.

These doodle pages are supposed to take me 15 minutes to do. But today it took me a full hour. For this just one page. I didn’t do drafts or many versions. This is it – this is the page that took me 1 hour.

Ok… just take it one day at a time, right? 😀

Day 2 – April 3, 2019: Doodle Flowers

Of course, on the second day of “the 100 day project” we decide to go on vacation. Bye bye my studio set up and near perfect lighting.

But a challenge is a challenge! If I am to do this for 100 days, no matter what else is happening in my life, I have to learn to work with what’s on hand.

So here I present to you a page of flower doodles (a comfortable subject for me, given the circumstances), photographed on the backdrop of green grass.

Day 3 – April 4, 2019: Doodle Fruits

I am still getting used to drawing every day (read: panicking about the amount of time it takes!). So today I needed to do something quick.

Since I am working on a book of “Kawaii Foods” and I just finished the fruits section, I decided to play it safe and doodle a page of colourful fruits.

We are still traveling, and I am away from my beloved flatlay studio setup. But a trip to a stationary store has solved by photo background issue. A piece of artboard and $1.65 later, and I have my white backdrop again!

Day 4 – April 5, 2019: Doodle Vegetables

I found today’s doodle inspiration in the produce aisle of the grocery store. I love all the different colours and textures in these vegetables!

Which one will you have for dinner?

Day 5 – April 6, 2019: Doodle Borders

Today I really wished that I picked one of those notebooks with dots for this project. 😀 This would have made my life so much easier with aligning stuff (like these borders!).

Oh well, I honestly didn’t think of that. I am totally in favour of using any tool that will make the job easier and more efficient. It’s not cheating – it’s optimising.

The only reason I don’t want to sketch in pencil first for this project is to push myself to do something different. Otherwise, those are all very good tools!

What do you think of using tools, like rulers and erasers?

Day  6 – April 7, 2019: Doodle Faces

I am planning to start a series of people doodles and cover things like hair styles, different expressions, maybe even different poses. We’ll see. 😉

I haven’t done many drawings of people in my work. And the 100 day project is all about experimenting and pushing boundaries. So be ready to see more people drawings!

Do you like to draw doodle people? Do you struggle with that?

Day 7 – April 8, 2019: Hairstyle Doodles

I continue with my theme of drawing doodle people, since it’s not something I usually draw in my work.

I had so much fun with these today! Seriously, it wasn’t difficult at all (surprisingly).

I think part of the reason I’ve been drawing animals and imaginary creatures until now is because subconsciously I’ve considered people to be a difficult subject… But it’s so satisfying! And it’s so relevant to our life.

Just imagine the stories we can tell!

Day 8 – April 9, 2019: Doodle People Poses

Today I had an epiphany. I like to draw! I know it sounds pretty obvious. But I spend a lot of energy these days on the “business” side of things, like commissions, emails and comments. Drawing is not my main work activity (for now).

To do #the100dayproject I put most of my other responsibilities on hold. And it feels so good to JUST DRAW every day.

It’s like I am giving myself a little drawing vacation. 🙂

Day 9 – April 10, 2019: Doodle People and Professions

For today’s doodle people I did use some minimal sketching first (for other pages I just did it ad hoc). I mainly sketched out where the character will go on the page. Otherwise I could end up with a giant on top and a tiny little thing on the bottom. That would be a mess. 🙈

So I drew big ovals to indicate where the character would go. Then I drew the head and one big shape (usually a trapezoid) for the body within that oval. And the rest of the pieces I just kinda winged. 😉 I did not sketch in all the details, staying true to my challenge to draw without sketching.

The funny thing is, even though the characters and their outfits look complicated (read: hard to draw), in reality they are all made up of very simple shapes. Like circles, arches and straight lines.

Which one is your favourite?

Mine is the quirky artist dude, of course. 😀

Day 10 – April 11, 2019: Doodle People in Action

I am absolutely fascinated with drawing doodle people. It’s like a whole world opened up to me through this challenge to draw new (and uncomfortable!) subjects.

I had NO IDEA that drawing people can be this satisfying. The idea of drawing people generally gave me a sense of apprehension… But this is my fifth day drawing doodle people, and I think I am starting to “get it”. 😉

I used a Japanese illustration book as a reference for today’s drawings. BUT, I did not meticulously copy over the drawings. I just sort of looked at a reference and sort of put it down on the page the way I would like it to be, changing colours and facial expressions along the way.

I want to draw more doodle people, but I am starting to run out of ideas, hehe.

I wonder what else I can draw with doodle people. Stick figures? Faces and emotions? Clothes? Accessories?

Day 11 – April 12, 2019: Doodle Faces and Emotions

Today I decided to change my photo background from white to…. my actual work surface.

I always thought that I needed a “clean” background to show the artwork. But yesterday I took a snapshot of my work-in-progress to share with my husband. And I really like how the wood looks.

What do you think, white or wood?

Day 12 – April 13, 2019: Doodle Clothes

I am moving on from drawing people to drawing clothes and accessories. Still related to drawing people – just a different angle. 😉

I think, next will be animals and more Nature doodles. 🍀

Day 13 – April 14, 2019: Doodle Shoes and Accessories

I’ve completed the people series with doodle accessories. I mostly did shoes and bags. But I did include some extra items. Can you spot them? 😉

Now I feel like drawing lots of fascinating elements of Nature, like trees, birds, mushrooms – all the things we see around.

Day 14 – April 15, 2019: Doodle Trees

Today was the case of “done is better than perfect“. With all my other commitments I didn’t sit down to draw until after 4pm (and I pick up my kids at 5). So I had to make it a quick one.

And you know what? It has something magical about it!

I think there is something special about drawing hyper-speed. It’s like my hand moved faster than my logical brain. I didn’t stop to analyse it (no time!) and just kept moving along the page.


I wouldn’t do this all the time. I think there is value in carefully premeditated drawings. And taking all the time you need to achieve the result you want.

But today wasn’t one of those days. And I learned something from this experience.

Do you like to plan ahead with your drawings, or go with a flow?

Day 15 – April 16, 2019: Doodle Dogs

Today I had more time to draw (about 1 hour), so I decided to tackle a subject that I wanted to do for some time. Doodle dogs. Different breeds and personalities in a simple outline style. My goal was to capture the personality and the overall shape of each pup.

Well, my lesson for today is, “Simple doesn’t mean easy!”

These drawings look super simple. But boy were they hard to get right!

I admire this style. And my goal is to be able to draw what’s around me with simplicity and ease, like these doggies.

It’s like keeping a diary, but in pictures.

You know how you sit down and start writing, “Dear Diary, today I….” So I want to sit down, open my sketchbook, and start drawing, “Dear Diary, today I… “ – and fill the page with objects and experiences I had.

I will push myself to draw more scenes now. And use these doodle drawings to tell stories.

Day 16 – April 17, 2019: Doodle Animal Faces

This was a fun little exercise to draw different animal heads and give them facial expressions. No deep and meaningful insights today. Just a bit of fun!

Day 17 – April 18, 2019: Doodle Birds and Love Stories

I grew up in Moscow (Russia), where we had lots of playful little sparrows around. I loved to watch them splashing around in a dust bath. They were so carefree! Their cute round bodies so full of energy and life. This page was inspired by the little brown sparrow (can you spot him?), and then it just kind of filled itself from there. 😀

I also want to draw more “scenes” in this doodle style. So I’ve put a few doodles together to create little stories.

These little scenes would work great on greeting cards, I reckon.

What else? Tote bags, fabric designs, note cards?

Day 18 – April 19, 2019: Doodle Leaves

Here is the thing… I live in Australia, where we are in the middle of a spectacular Autumn foliage. And most of the people who will see this image are in the middle of a fresh Spring. We just can’t relate on this one. While you pull out your t-shirts and flip flops, I enjoy a cup of spiced apple cider and pumpkin pies. LOL

It’s all good. This drawing challenge is to explore and draw about personal life experiences. So I have to stay true to my world, and draw what moves me.

Today I was moved by the many shapes and colours of leaves. I didn’t make it about a particular season. It’s just leaves of various seasons. 🙂 I added pink blossoms at the end to bring balance and softness to the composition.

I can do this for hours…. 😀

What is your favourite season?

Mine is Spring!!

Day 19 – April 20, 2019: Doodle Insects

I’ve been out in the garden this week (yippeee!), and I see so many colourful bugs and critters. I know, I know… bugs can be kind of… unpleasant. But my kids don’t think so. 😀 So I wanted to do a page of friendly and fun bugs. They truly are useful!

There is a saying, “If people disappeared from the Earth, the planet would be fine. If insects disappeared from the Earth, we are screwed.”

On a different topic, something I found useful for doing these doodle pages, is to have a small drawing element (like leaves or flowers) that I can add at the end to fill any awkward empty spaces. For this page I used little multi-coloured ladybugs. Can you spot them? 😉

Day 20 – April 21, 2019: Doodle Buildings, Houses and Urban Scenes

Wow, Day 20 today! It’s a milestone. 🙂

I decided to draw buildings and urban scenes, since I’ve been drawing Nature and people until now. I wanted to draw a charming street with cozy homes and inviting cafes. A street I would like to take a stroll through.

I LOVE to travel. And I haven’t been lately, since we have two little kids and a million big responsibilities. 😀 One day I will travel again. But for now, I travel in my sketchbook.

Day 21 – April 22, 2019: Doodle Cars

Yesterday I made a drawing of a doodle city scene. Now I realised that I needed to draw some doodle cars! Also, my 3-year-old son enjoys this kind of drawings. 😀 We play a drawing game, where he makes a big brown puddle (brown paint, of course!), and I “drive in” a car drawing into it. All good fun.

Day 22 – April 23, 2019: Doodle Scenes

I am still focusing on my goal to get better at visual storytelling in my drawings, and to “say a lot with a little”…

Day 23 – April 24, 2019: Doodle Borders

These empty frames are just begging to be filled. So unbelievably simple, yet so effective.

My favourite is the purple one (bottom-right). It could be just a plain boring speech bubble. But the little stars within the edges make it festive and so exciting. Neat little trick. 😉

Day 24 – April 25, 2019: Fantasy Plants

I am seriously starting to run out of ideas, haha. So I am looking for inspirations beyond my books and daily life. Today I looked at the work of APAK – an artist-couple based in Oregon. I love their dreamy paintings, so I adapted some of the elements they use in their paintings to this doodle page challenge.

This was extremely satisfying. It opened a whole new pool of ideas, and new ways to learn and expand my “visual dictionary”.

Where do you get your drawing ideas?

Day 25 – April 26, 2019: Fantasy Flora

I loved drawing fantasy grasses so much yesterday, that I decided to continue with them today. 🙂

I remember an old Soviet cartoon I watched as a kid. It’s called “The Mystery of the Third Planet” and apparently it became a sci-fi cult classic in Russia.

Oh, I loved it so much!! So I looked up a few scenes from this cartoon to get inspiration for more fantasy flora, and used a few ideas from artwork by APAK.

Here is the result. Would you like to take a stroll in this forest? 😉

Day 26 – April 27, 2019: Doodle Kitchen Items

Sometimes the simplest and most beautiful things are right in front of us.

Today I just drew some of my favourite things, like tea, cooking utensils and, of course, strawberry jam (the “bubbly” is reserved for when the kids go to sleep… shhh).

Which item on this page do you use the most?

Day 27 – April 28, 2019: Castles in the Sky

Ok, this is not my typical doodle page. But I just felt a really strong urge to draw these castles today!

The clouds in the sky have been gorgeous today. So I took a few photos, and I want to doodle over these photos and draw castles… so dreamy. That’s probably where the calling of today’s drawing came from. 😀

Day 28 – April 29, 2019: Hedgehog Pattern

I honestly thought I would never run out of drawing ideas for this challenge. I mean, c’mon – it can be anything! And yet, by Day 25 I went through all the themes I wanted to cover, and now have a big fat blank in my mind.

When this happens, I start to look at my daily experiences for inspirations. I also imagine how I can “adapt” some of the non-obvious inspirations to create satisfying drawings.

Like this hedgehog pattern. It’s inspired by a sweet kitchen towel I picked up last week. I loved the little hedgies in the print, so I turned them into a doodle page. Works for me!

Fabric patterns can be a wealth of good drawing ideas. 😉

Day 29 – April 30, 2019: Doodle Seashells

This is my favourite page so far. It was inspired by a beautiful weekend with an artist friend Paulina Kazarinov on the beach, with lots of tea and meaningful conversations.

You know how you can feel exhausted after a vacation? Well, this one was the exact opposite. I feel that I left my troubles in the sea waters, and I recharged myself with the energy of the ocean and dear friendship.

I even added some bling to this photo – that’s how energetic I feel, haha.

Day 30 – May 1, 2019: Knots and Textures

Doodle patterns don’t always have to be “things”, do they? They can be patterns, borders, dots, or …. in this case, knots!

In 2012 my husband and I traveled to Mongolia. I was fascinated with their traditional decorations and patterns. I have a soft spot for any folk art – their exquisite simplicity and beauty are striking!

Today I wanted to explore a tiny slice of this ancient art form.

How do you feel about traditional designs and decorations?

Day 31 – May 2, 2019: Doodle Sea Creatures

I am still under the influence of my recent trip to the ocean. Every time I go, I feel “Wow, I could live here.” I don’t know if I actually want to… I love the mountains, they feel cozy to me. But the ocean feels so open and free… And beautiful.

I guess, the real gold is in variety. Too much of ANY good thing can be tiresome.

Which are you, ocean / mountains / flat plains?

Day 32 – May 3, 2019: Doodle Succulents

These succulents are from a drawing course I made (it teaches you how to design your own kawaii characters). So I didn’t need to come up with the characters for this page, only draw them.

Check out the course at

Day 33 – May 4, 2019: Doodle Sweets after Mizutama

I love the work of Mizutama Hanco. I am like that scary groupie of Mizutama, who follows her wherever she goes. Well, not really – only on Instagram. 😀

I absolutely adore her happy and cute doodles. Today I discovered that they are even MORE fun to draw, than to just look at.

I think I will draw these doodles for the next few days.

Day 34 – May 5, 2019: Doodle Houses after Mizutama

I had many requests to draw houses again, and it’s my favourite subject as well.

One day (soon hopefully!) we’ll build our family home (of natural materials, of course!). And (of course!) with a little art studio on the side. 😀

“It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” —Unknown

How do you feel about your home?

Day 35 – May 6, 2019: Dance Like No One Is Watching

When we create, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “I wonder what my viewers will think?” Or even simply “Will they like it?”

The problems is (and I struggle with this as well), these thoughts take us out of the moment. They turn us from the “creator” to an “observer”, and the creative flow stops.

This doodle just popped into my head. I wasn’t going to listen – it seemed to hard! The negative thoughts rolled in… “I don’t draw people”, “Lettering is too hard”… and so on.

But hey, I’ve done spontaneous doodles for 34 days now. What’s one more? So what if it turns out wonky. Can I live with that?

This drawing challenge is the time is to create from the heart. To listen to my real “self”.

I decided to go for it.

The irony is that, the very message in the drawing is about this struggle of the creator and the observer.

So I decided, “Let me draw like no one is watching” 😀

Day 36 – May 7, 2019: You Are Enough

“You are enough, and always have been.”

This is a quote from a dear friend Cynthia Marinakos. Cynthia, you are so right!

I learned this again over the weekend. Being a mum of two little kids stretches you in a 1000 directions at once. It’s so easy to feel like you are not enough… when in fact, you are totally enough and you always have been. Perhaps the real problem is taking on too much, and not allowing myself to drop a few balls.

It’s ok, take a break. There is always time for tea!

How to you balance your creative time with family and other responsibilities?

Day 37 – May 8, 2019: Fluffy Clouds (and a Castle)

I drew castles in the sky for Day 27, but I wasn’t completely happy with the way the clouds turned out.

But these I like. I found them in the most unexpected place. My t-shirt! I’ve worn it a million times, and didn’t ever notice them… until today.

So these are “Fluffy Clouds 2.0” 😀

Day 38 – May 9, 2019: Colourful Doodle Patterns

Today is one of those “rebuilding” days when I just can’t find a complete artwork inside of me. So instead I decided to play around with (I mean, practice!) some doodle textures that I can use in my drawings later.

Don’t they make your hands itchy to draw? Which texture is the most irresistible?

Day 39 – May 10, 2019: Cute Doodle Buttons Pattern

I have a confession to make. I have a serious case of crafting bug! Here in Australia we are heading into the winter. As soon as the cold weather hit, I got this HUGE urge to craft and create with my hands.

Yep, I even went to a yarn store and bought a ball of luxurious cotton+cashmere mix by Rowan. I don’t know if I will actually get to crochet any time soon, but a trip to a yarn store felt really good.

Day 40 – May 11, 2019: Doodle Insects and Plants

All my childhood friends. 🙂

Day 41 – May 12, 2019: Doodle Flower Explosion

It’s like that feeling of creative pressure that builds inside of you and wants to come out with an explosion of love and colour.

Listen to it, and you will be rewarded. Ignore it, and pay the price!

Day 42 – May 13, 2019: Doodle Craft Supplies

I couldn’t help it. I went ahead and started a crochet cowl (for those windy-windy mornings we get in the mountains). And then I went ahead and drew a bunch of craft supplies, because I love them so much.

Which are you, knitting or crochet?

Day 43 – May 14, 2019: Kawaii Sweets

I always wondered why kawaii sweets are such a popular drawing subject. Now I have my answer: cause they are so pleasurable to draw.

I observed myself over the past few days to find out what types of drawing subjects I like. And you know what? I found kawaii sweets irresistible!

I just feel so happy when I look at them. So I wanted to share with you a piece of these sweets today. 😛

Day 44 – May 15, 2019: Doodle Stationary

I looked around my desk for inspiration today (it’s becoming seriously hard to find new drawing ideas every day). So I just drew what’s around me, and then added a few stars for extra sparkle. ;).

Which of these do you use most often?

Day 45 – May 16, 2019: Doodle Succulents

It was a quiet sunny Saturday, in a quiet sunny town of Mudgee. The markets were on, and I was lazily walking along different stalls.

Same old, same old… olive oil, cheese, soap, knitted goods… when suddenly I was stopped by a stunning array of live succulents.

Each was perfectly cute, sitting in its own little pot.

I totally didn’t expect to see this. I wanted to buy one of each! (Couldn’t, as we were traveling. But I really wanted to.)

The man behind the succulents was also perfectly pleasant.

Mick (of Mick’s Succulents @mickssucculents), you are doing a great job. Next time I visit Mudgee, I will buy 5. 😀

Or I will get them online. If you are in Australia and are looking for adorable succulents, check out their website. They ship Australia-wide.

Day 46 – May 17, 2019: Simple Trees with Marker Pens

My friend asked me to draw Forest Friends. And I thought, “Why not? That’s a great idea!”

Thank you dear Rhiannon for this request. It brightened my day. ☀

Day 47 – May 18, 2019: Simple Trees with Marker Pens

Today I felt like drawing something more realistic than the usual kawaii doodles. I wondered… has “my style” changed after doing all these drawings with markers?

The answer is yes. I feel much more confident applying this simple coloured line to other drawings. Like these trees. 😀

What do you think? Does this style work for more realistic trees?

Day 48 – May 19, 2019: Flower Frames and Hand Lettering

This artwork came to be by true magic. Here is what happened.

For “Day 2” of the 100 day project I drew some doodle flowers. Then Christine Ang (@minichristine001 on Instagram) turned them into flower frames and shared the post with me.

I liked those frames so much, that I did my own version and added some words. And this is the result.


This is co-creation at its best.

Social media comes with its own strengths and dangers… Best we can do is lean towards the light. Today I saw what that light can be and the possibilities it brings.

Let’s use these new tools and create together!

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