Kawaii stationery is irresistible and fun. I love having it, using it, and (of course) drawing it. 😀

In August 2020 we are running a drawing challenge in our private Facebook Group. The topic of the challenge is (you guessed it) – kawaii stationery!

The good thing about participating in a drawing challenge is that it motivates you to draw a little each day.

Studies show that you learn waaaay faster, if you draw a little each day, rather than do 1 long drawing session per week. It’s about how often you draw, not how long.

I hope this collection of kawaii stationery drawings by your fellow kawaiians will inspire you, and give you a few drawing ideas.

Here is a quick tutorial to get you started. 🙂

How to draw kawaii stationery pen cup step-by-step

Tips for Drawing Success

  • We all fear that “blank page”… Even Van Gogh used to smear yellow paint on his canvas before starting a painting, just so that he did NOT have a blank canvas. When you sit down to draw, take a blank page and draw a few lines and circles on it. Great, now you are warmed up and ready to create.
  • Remember that quality comes with practice. Right now, your most important job is to draw. Just draw. Draw a little each day. I wouldn’t say “results don’t matter”. Let’s be honest – we all want our drawings to look good. BUT results come as a by-product of “doing it”. Focus on doing your best for THIS drawing, and honor where you are right now. You will improve – it’s inevitable.
  • Be careful who you show your drawings to. Show them to people who will cheer you on (for example, our Facebook group is incredibly supportive). Show them to your friends, who are learning to draw too. Share your drawings with passionate fellow human beings, who will support you. But avoid naysayers. Why bother? They diffuse your passion. Got a judgemental uncle or husband? Simply ignore and keep on drawing. 😂

Drawing Prompts

  • Day 1: Pens / Pencils / Markers
  • Day 2: Paper clips
  • Day 3: Sticky Notes
  • Day 4: Washi Tape
  • Day 5: Notebooks / Planners

Gallery of Kawaii Stationery Drawings

Day 1 – Pens / Pencils / Markers

Kawaii stationery pens doodle art by Tatyana Deniz

Day 2: Paper clips

Kawaii Stationary Paper Clips doodle art by Tatyana Deniz

Day 3: Sticky Notes

Kawaii Stationary Stickie Notes doodle art by Tatyana Deniz

Day 4: Washi Tape

Kawaii Stationary Washi Tape doodle art by Tatyana Deniz

Day 5: Notebooks / Planners

Kawaii Stationary Notebook Planners doodle art by Tatyana Deniz

Challenge Participants Spotlight

Here are a few of the entries from our amazing kawaii community on Facebook. I selected a few to show the different styles, but there are dozens more equally as good.  😄

If you entered the challenge, but don’t see your work here – I assure you that I’ve personally looked at ALL the entries and I cherish each and every one. ❤️

To join our future drawing challenges and giveaways, be sure to join our Facebook group. See you there!

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