The art of deliberate practice will allow you to learn how to draw faster. And not just learn – but ENJOY the process. 🙂

In this video, I share with you 3 key elements of deliberate practice that will allow you to spend you drawing time in the most potent way. And will put you on the express-path towards you creative dreams.

I’m Tatyana Deniz. I will teach you how to draw using the cute and simple style called “kawaii”. And how to start a creative business using your drawing skills. So let me be your guide on this creative journey, and let’s have fun!

What is Deliberate Practice?

I first heard of this accelerated learning technique from Tim Ferriss. He used it to learn Japanese in 6 months. And when I heard that, I thought… “Wow, I want that!”

But now I apply this technique to my art and drawing practice, and I’m here to share with you how you can do the same.

Deliberate practice is as it sounds. It’s when you sit down to do a specific task – deliberately.

But there are 3 specific elements to this method that make it different from other kinds of training.

#1 Short bursts with full focus

When you practice deliberately, you do short bursts of practice with intense focus. By giving your practice your full attention, there are no distractions.

Distractions might include TV, social media… etc. You KNOW when you are distracted, haha.

But for deliberate practice you do your best to create a space with minimal distractions. Remember, it’s only for a short time!

#2 Designed practice

It’s really REALLY important that you follow a practice that is designed specifically for you, your needs and goals. It’s not just sitting down and drawing whatever comes to mind. Every time you practice, you need to be practicing something specific that takes you one step forward to the actual goal that you want to achieve.

#3 Personalized feedback

You need to be able to receive feedback on how you did in each session. Similar to learning any skill, to progress quickly you need to be able to receive feedback on how you did and what to do differently for the next session.

And now, let me share some tips with you on how to use these concept for your successful drawing practice.

How to Use Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is hard work. So give yourself time to rest and recover after each session. 🙂

Also, keep showing up to draw, even when you don’t feel like it. There might be days where you don’t feel inspired, and that’s ok. It’s not about the outcome, but the fact that you are doing the work.

We are doing deliberate practice, we are showing up, we are doing the work. Therefore, the results will come. It’s inevitable.

There is a proverb in Russia that I really LOVE. I even say it to my kids now.

“Appetite comes while you eat.”

When you start drawing, the appetite will come!

And finally, remember to practice growth mindset.

Growth mindset + deliberate practice is the FASTEST way to achieve your goals and actualize your dreams.

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