When you were growing up, did you believe that learning how to draw was only possible for an exclusive group of “artists”? I sure did.

The truth is – drawing is a skill like any other. You can learn it!

In this complete guide, I will show you the process of learning a new skill and how you can learn to draw well.

Learning How to Draw Like the Artist You Are

If it’s your dream to be a professional artist, draw for fun or be more creative, don’t give up on your goal so quickly. Whatever your aspiration, you can achieve it by mastering your understanding of the process of learning how to draw.

Learn the letters

The thing is, learning how to draw is like learning to speak a new language. When a baby is learning how to talk, they first learn the basic sounds and letters.

When you’re learning how to draw, you also want to start with the basics. For example, think of the simple drawing shapes: circle, square, triangle. Or even the dot and line! Those are the basic sounds and letters of drawing.

When you’re learning a new language, you first need to understand the letters of that language. That’s exactly the same for drawing. You start by combining individual shapes to create actual objects, no matter how simple the drawing is.

Learn the words

Let’s say your just learned how to draw a cup. You combined the simple shapes of on oval and some lines to create a recognizable cup. It’s exactly the same as if you put the letters “c”, “u”, and “p” together to create the word CUP.

Learn the sentences

Now that you know how to draw “cup”, you can take it further. You take the cup and you put it on a table with a spoon and flowers next to it. You’ve created a composition!

Learning how to draw an arrangement works the same as when you learn how to form sentences with your words.

Draw like you are writing Shakespearean poetry

Now, of course, we all want to create beautiful art. We want to share our message with the world in a way that moves the soul.

Using our new way of understanding, we want to combine the sentences into beautiful poetry. Like Shakespeare.

But remember!

Shakespeare wasn’t born writing Hamlet. Shakespeare had to learn the basic sounds, words and the vocabulary of the English language just like everyone else! Before he could create countless masterpieces of poetry, he had to practice a lot. He became great through experimentation and tuning into his feelings. He learned how to combine the sentences into poetry.

Learning How to Draw Starts With Your Mindset

You can create art the same way that Shakespeare wrote poetry.

If you feel in your heart the desire to create, the desire to communicate – then you can learn the language of art.

Allow yourself to be a beginner at drawing. If you’ve never done it consistently before, how can you expect to be good at it?

No one is born an artist. No one is born good at drawing. It takes time and practice.

Some people learn the skill of drawing earlier than others, simply because of their circumstances. But some don’t!

I came to drawing when I was 29 years old! I studied hard to learn how to draw, and now I KNOW it’s possible. For me and for you.

Anyone can pick up a new creative skill if you feel the calling. When you start, it’s crucial to be kind to yourself. Honor where you are right now in your drawing journey and take it step-by-step.

As long as you keep showing up to your drawing practice, you are guaranteed to get better at it. And eventually, get to the point where you are achieving your creative dreams.

One thing I found that helped me through my drawing journey was surrounding myself with a supportive community, like our private Facebook group.

Join a Supportive Drawing Community

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I am so excited to see your creative process unfold and to see the beautiful art you will create.

To get started, check out this adorable kawaii hedgehog drawing tutorial.

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