What you say to yourself day after day defines what you BELIEVE about yourself, and how you ACT. In this video I will show you 4 practical ways to develop a GROWTH MINDSET, so you can be more creative and become the person you dream to be.

What you are born with is only part of the story. It does not fully define what you can become.

This concept is called growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

When you feel as though you’re stuck with the abilities you were born with, you may feel stuck in a fixed mindset. But you don’t have to stay there. ­čÖé

If you’ve been apart of this community for any amount of time, then you would’ve heard me talk a lot about getting past this thought pattern and developing a growth mindset.

What is a Growth Mindset?

The growth mindset is the idea that, with practice, you can improve your skills. A growth mindset keeps you from being limited by your natural abilities and allows you to become who you want to be. 

Our natural abilities (what we’re born with or into) is a starting point. Natural skills do come from genetics and the type of childhood we had. Both can affect who you are today.

But where you are now, doesn’t necessarily define who you will become.

If you study and practice deliberately, then you can get better at a skill (like drawing!) than you ever thought possible.

Carol Dweck, who is a researcher from Stanford University, established this idea of fixed mindset vs growth mindset in her book, called “Mindset: The New Psychology for Success”.

So let’s use what we learned for OUR success.

Key Lessons on the Growth Mindset Framework

If you subscribe to a fixed mindset, you’re giving yourself no way to improve. Most importantly, you’re giving away your human creative power to something that is entirely outside of your control.

To move out of this mindset and help you achieve what you want, you have to learn how to apply the growth mindset.

When you adopt the growth mindset, you give the power back to yourself. You have a roadmap of how to achieve your goals which might include being more creative, creating more meaningful art, and transitioning into art as your career.

Even if that feels impossible right now, by developing the growth mindset and following a step-by-step approach, you will be able to achieve your dreams.

How to apply the growth mindset to drawing

#1 Enjoy the journey

When you sit down to draw, remember that it’s about the journey and not the result. Every single session that you do – matters. Every single time you sit down to draw, whether it’s 5, 10 or 15 minutes, you are getting better.

Because it’s about the process and not the result, you’re able to take off any creative pressure of coming up with a perfect drawing every time.  By showing up for practice, you’re going to grow into the artist you want to become.

#2 Do it for the process

When you develop a growth mindset for your drawing practice, you start to focus on learning rather than seeking approval from family, friends and your community.

#3 Seeking approval

Instead of being quick to share your art, try reflecting and think about what you were able to learn.

And then, if you feel strong and inspired, share it with a friend. But either way, it doesn’t really matter what they say. What matters is that you showed up and worked on your drawing skill.

#4 Comparing yourself to other artists

As an artist, it can be hard not to compare when you see somebody else’s work. You may even feel like your work could never be that good. With a growth mindset, you can tell yourself, “I will get there. I know I can.”

What’s Next

Next time you sit down to draw, take a moment to reflect on your mindset. What are your thoughts telling you?

The beautiful think is that once you understand this – you can change. You can always choose to change.

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