Do you want to draw a mermaid Ariel for your next drawing project? Or maybe your daughter loves princess Ariel, and you want to do some drawing together?

Awesome, you are in the right place!

In this post I will show you how to draw little mermaid Ariel in a cute and easy way, using clear instructions and a step-by-step tutorial.

Mermaid Ariel Step-by-step Drawing Tutorial

Here is an image with the drawing steps. And I will drop a few drawing tips below the step-by-step tutorial.

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How to draw mermaid Ariel cute and easy step-by-step

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Drawing Tips for Cute and Easy Mermaid Ariel

Drawing people is not easy, and Ariel is no exception. But there is a way to “trick” your mind to make drawing people as easy as drawing objects.

Here is how to do it.

When you look at different parts of the body, think of them as geometric shapes, rather than “heads” or “arms”.

For example, the head is really an oval. Or better yet, the head is a 3-dimensional egg shape.

When you think of it in this way and visualize the egg shape in your mind, then you can place different elements on that egg shape with ease. The hair wraps around the head. The eyes and month sit on the front side of the head. It’s not a flat surface – it’s a curved surface of the egg shape.

Apply the same principles to the rest of the body parts.

For example, the body is like a stump shape. The arms are cylinders… and so on.

I created the drawing steps of this tutorial with these principles in mind. I wanted to SHOW you how to see each little piece as a basic geometric shape. ๐Ÿ™‚

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