Learn how to design a kawaii character inspired by a plushie – in this case a Squishmallow – with this easy and simple step-by-step tutorial.

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Design a kawaii character inspired by a Squishmallow plushie step-by-step tutorial by Tatyana Deniz

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Step 1: Sketch the Character Inspired by a Plushie

Today we are going to use a plushie as inspiration to create our own character. In my case I will be using a super cute dragon Squishmallow to create a kawaii character.

Let’s start with a sketch. Let’s sketch the big shapes first, like the body, and then add smaller details, like wings and horns.

We’re going to take inspiration from a plushie, but it doesn’t have to be exact. For mine, I will be changing some of the features of our Squishmallow plushie, like the nose, and will add a big smile instead.

However, I really like the wings so I will keep those as well as some of the other details.

Create a sketch for the kawaii character inspired by a Squishmallow plushie - TatyanaDeniz.com

This is where you make sure you’re using nice long broad lines, we’re not worried too much about mistakes or hitting ‘undo’ during this stage.

Remember not everything has to become perfect – part of the charm is having things be unsymmetrical, because this is drawn by hand.

Step 2: Create the Outline

Now that we have the general idea of what we want to create, we can create the line art.

Let’s create and move to a new layer. I’m using my own monoline brush (download my signature Procreate brushes – FREE!) to create my line art, and I’ve decided I will use purple color.

Outline your kawaii character with smooth lines in Procreate

If your outlines are coming out wobbly, check out my tutorial on how to keep your lines smooth in Procreate. Use the elements you have on your art in order to strategically position where to start and end your lines. This can be a nice way to hide any imperfections. 😉

Step 3: Color Your Drawing

Time to color! We’re going to color it with fantasy colors. It’s a dragon after all, and it can be any color. I really liked the pattern and texture on this Squishmallow plushie, so I will be re-creating that. Be sure to watch the video at the top to see 2 different ways of how to do so yourself.

Add color and texture to your kawaii character inspired by a Squishmallow plushie - TatyanaDeniz.com

You can also shade your dragon, or not it’s up to you. Creating a mythical creature like this really allows you to experiment with the colors, textures and patterns. And I definitely suggest you do! 😊

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