Does this happen to you?

You go to write a greeting card and you want to make it more personal. You want to add a little decoration that says, “I wrote this just for you”… But your mind goes blank.

This used to happen to me. But no more! With this set of 12 different doodle flowers there is always a cute drawing idea on hand.

These doodle flowers are so easy to draw, anyone can do it. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

Or try drawing these flowers with kids for a rewarding afternoon together, or a rainy day activity.

How to draw simple and cute doodle flowers

Project Ideas for Doodle Flowers

  • Decorate a bullet journal spread
  • Make a DIY greeting card
  • Use in kid’s craft projects
  • If you steal a few moments for yourself, doodling is extremely therapeutic (speaking from personal experience, hehe)
  • Create custom stationary and envelopes

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