Do you want to draw smooth lines in Procreate? If yes, this post is for you!

One of the most common questions I get asked in our Facebook group is how to draw smooth lines in Procreate. So in this week’s post, I show you 2 easy and effective ways to achieve just that.

1. Use the Quick Shape Feature to Smooth Out Your Lines

Symmetrical Shapes

When learning how to draw smooth lines in Procreate, the first option is to use the quick shape feature. For this demonstration, I’m using the Monoline brush because this is what I use most often for kawaii drawings. The effect of the quick shape feature is also most visible on this brush.

For this example, let’s say I want the head of a character to be a perfect oval. First, I would draw it roughly. And then to make it perfect I would hold down the pencil to activate the quick shape feature. I can then resize it and rotate it as long as I don’t release my Apple pencil off the screen.

Now let’s say I want the head to be a circle instead. To achieve this, you simply put your finger down on the screen, and the oval turns into a circle. Like before, you can still move it and resize it. The quick shape feature also works for squares and triangles.

It might look something like this when you’re drawing:

Draw smooth lines and circles by using the quickshape feature

Now when you let go, there will be an “Edit Shape” button at the top giving you the option to continue to resize the shape and move it around. Once you tap away, the quick shape feature edit options will no longer be available.

From here you’re able to fill the shape in with color. If you decide you want to resize the circle again, then you can use the transform feature.

However, I’d recommend trying to get the exact shape you want before exiting the quick shape feature.

Edit your shapes after you used the quickshape, and then fill them with color

Straight Lines

The quick shape feature also works to create perfectly straight lines. If you draw a line and hold down your pencil, it turns into a perfectly straight line. If you put your finger down as we did for the oval, you can move the line in increments allowing you to have a perfectly horizontal line or perfectly vertical line. Straight lines are especially handy when you are creating drawing guides.  

You can also draw smooth lines that are perfectly straight and are perfectly vertical or horizontal

Complex Shapes

Creating asymmetrical shapes with the quick shape feature doesn’t work as well. For example, if you try to create a star, your lines will be straight, but it won’t correct the shape to make it symmetrical. Even if you hold your finger down, it doesn’t fix the shape as it did before.

If you wanted to create a perfect star or another complex shape, you can bring in a reference image and simply outline it. To draw a complicated shape, you can use a combination of quick shapes. That way you’re able to use the quick shape feature and still make it look smooth.

For this example, I’ve chosen to draw a cloud, which is a series of arcs. You want to create the first arc and let it complete as a quick shape, giving you a smooth line. Once the shape has completed, you can still edit it by clicking ‘edit shape’.

By editing the shape, you’re able to resize the ark and move it around. Once you tap away, the shape is finalized.

You can continue with these steps for the remaining arcs. And as you move each arc around, you can connect it with the last arc as seen below:

Use streamline to draw smooth arcs, connect arcs together to create complex shapes

In traditional kawaii style, you may want to add a face to your cloud. Similarly to the shapes above, you can use the quick shape tool to create symmetrical eyes. You can resize and move them around wherever you like along with a mouth, giving it just the right expression.

2. Use the Streamline Feature to Draw Smoother Lines

The second option to draw smooth lines is by using the streamline feature. Within each of the brushes included in Procreate, you can get more options by tapping on the name of the brush.

Click the Monoline brush name, and you will see the streamline option.

If you draw a squiggly line without the streamline on, the line will appear shaky and uneven. If you turn on the streamline option, as you’re drawing the squiggly line, the line will appear to be dragging behind the Apple pencil and come out smooth.

So if you’re drawing something curvy or something quite detailed, the streamline option is a great way to achieve a smooth line. The streamline effect is an excellent option for drawing hair or for doing lettering.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a powerful tool.

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