In this post, I show you exactly how to avoid blurry lines in Procreate. Sometimes when you resize an image in Procreate, it starts to pixelate and lose its resolution. So here is a super-simple setting that will help you avoid pixelation in your Procreate drawings and keep your lines as smooth as possible.

How to Avoid Blurry Lines in Procreate

Start by drawing something, for example cat face. Your drawings in Procreate are pixel-based images, not vector, so if you zoom in, there’s still going to be pixelation that happens around the edge.

When learning how to avoid blurry lines in Procreate, it’s important to remember that the higher resolution canvas you make, the less pixelation will be in your final drawing.

However, if we were to use the default settings in Procreate, even is we down-size the image (which should NOT affect the edge), what we see is that the edge of the drawing appears jaggedy, blurry and unclean.

If you rotate the image, the same blurry and staircase-like pattern will appear, making the image quality seem low. Here’s why this is happening.

When you scale your drawings, by default Procreate uses the interpolation option called “nearest neighbor”.

However, if you choose either the bilinear or bicubic interpolation option and resize it the same way you did before, the edge appears the same as the original size. The same outcome will happen if you rotate the drawing with the help of these options. You don’t lose quality, and your lines stay smooth and sharp.

What Happens When You Scale Up the Image

When you scale up an image with any of the interpolation options, you’re still going to lose some quality because Procreate can’t invent new pixels. It’s just using the pixels that are already on your canvas. However, even with scaling up, the edge continues to be fairly sharp and smooth.

For so long, I struggled with blurry lines in Procreate. I never wanted to resize or rotate my drawing because it would create the jagged, pixelated edge. But I’m so glad I found this option to resize my graphics without losing quality and hopefully help you do the same.

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