Let’s draw this cute Easter bunny step by step. It’s very easy and simple to draw, since the feet are just two ovals and the hands are made up of two little arches (or letter-C shapes).

This design is fun and versatile. You can use it for a DIY greeting card. Or as a fun drawing project with kids.

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Step-by-step Drawing Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step tutorial. I made this drawing using a black felt-tip pen, and coloured it with colour pencils (see materials list below). I like the slight texture created by the pencils. I makes the bunny look furry and fluffy.

If you want to save this tutorial for later, use the red “Pin It” button to save it to Pinterest, or download a printable PDF below. I hope you have fun drawing this cute bunny!

How to draw cute and easy Easter bunny step-by-step

Printable PDF

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Please enjoy this drawing and tutorial for personal use, and remember to give me credit and link back to this post if you share it with others.

Drawing Tips

  • Start with bigger shapes, like the head and the body. Then add smaller and smaller details, like the ears, hands and feet. Finally, add the little decorative elements, like the flower and paws, at the very end.
  • Use guide lines to help you make your bunny symmetrical (same on the left and on the right side). Also, use a guide line to position the face (see Step 3).
  • If you want to leave the bunny white (I used a light grey pencil), you can make the background darker. Or you can use white paint on a coloured paper. Sounds like so much fun!
  • Use your bunny for a craft project. For example, you can make a cute handmade Easter card, create paper crafts, or draw it with your kids. I’ll post a few DIY and craft I ideas in a gallery below. 🙂

Materials I Used

  • Prismacolor Premier colour pencils
    • Pink PC929
    • 20% Cool Grey PC1060
    • Canary Yellow PC916
    • White PC938 (for blending)
  • Bristol vellum surface paper
  • Copic Multiliner black pen, 0.7mm
  • Pencil and eraser

My Inspiration for This Drawing

Easter is coming in just 3 weeks, so bunnies are on everyone’s mind. I wanted to do a bunny tutorial, since I received SO MANY requests for it from my readers. The timing is perfect, since this is something you can use for your Easter craft projects.

Here is a fun fact. I live in Australia, where bunnies (no matter how cute!) are considered a pest. ?

So in Australia the symbol for Easter is a bilby. Bilby is an Australian animal, like a bunny, but with larger and more pointed ears. So I made my bunny drawing a little like a bilby. See the big pointy ears?

Here is what a real bilby looks like. Still cute!!

Cute Easter Bilby

There are even chocolate Easter bilbies at the grocery store (instead of chocolate bunnies). Amazing!

Here are a few ideas (from the internet) for easy and fun craft projects you can do using a bunny design.

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Tatyana Deniz