Do you want to use gradients in your art? Let me show you exactly how to make gradients in Procreate using 3 of my favorite methods that are fast, easy and super versatile. For the complete step-by-step demo, watch the full video tutorial on my YouTube channel!

Let’s look at each of the gradient types in detail.

1. How to Make Radial Gradients in Procreate

We’re going to start by creating a radial gradient using 3 colors. To start, open up your Procreate App and pick your first color. For this tutorial, I’m choosing red for my drawing of the circle. Make sure the circle is big enough to fill the canvas, and then once you’ve got the size you want and it’s in the centre of the canvas, fill in the edges with that same color.

To keep things simple, I’m going to draw my next circle on the same layer. After choosing your second color, draw a second circle and make it as big or as small as you want. You can edit the shape after you draw it. Then in the middle, we’re going to add a contrasting color by drawing a circle in the centre and filling it with yellow.

Radial gradient set up in Procreate |

Now to create the gradient is super simple. Start by going to your adjustments option and pick Gaussian blur for the layer level. Then all you do is drag your pencil over to decide how much blur you want to create. You can decide if you want the gradient to be very smooth or a bit blurry. Both are great for backgrounds or to add shading to a character.

And that’s how you make radial gradients in Procreate!

Radial gradient demo |

2. How to Make Linear Gradients in Procreate

The next gradient we can create in Procreate is a linear gradient, kind of like a sunset. The process is very similar.

Start by taking off the first layer and using the same red color again. For this gradient, you a few options. The easiest is to choose three colors and create a band across the canvas for each color.

Don’t worry about being super precise here. You could even do some waves if you want a varied sunset.

Finally, we want to blur it by using the Gaussian blur by dragging it over the layer where your colors are. Now you have a gorgeous backdrop where you can add your drawing or silhouette over top of it.

Linear gradient in Procreate |

3. How to Use Gradients as Backgrounds and Fills

Then finally, our last gradient in Procreate is a linear gradient that we will use as a fill. Let’s start by creating a stripe design using color bands. Choose as many colors as you’d like!

Then apply the Gaussian blur to the layer with your colors, and now you have an exciting design.

Diagonal striped gradient example |

Now, let’s say you want to put it inside of a cloud as a texture. Firstly, start by making another layer that sits below your gradient in Procreate. After that, hide the gradient layer to see what you’re drawing and then bring back the gradient layer after finishing the shape. Then tap on it and select clipping mask.

How to use gradient as a fill in Procreate App |

Now the layer is clipped to the boundary of the layer below it. To see the gradient, you simply click the arrow tool to select its layer, and now you can do whatever you’d like with your gradient design.

Gradients are a great way to add a unique design to the background of your drawing. Furthermore, you can continue to adjust the gradient once it’s sitting inside your shape by continuing to use the Gaussian blur tool. But for this design, I’m happy with how the original gradient turned out, so all I’m going to do now is add details.

Gradient fill with details Procreate tutorial |

If you found this tutorial helpful, make sure to check out my YouTube channel for lots more Procreate tutorials.

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