Today we will learn how to draw this kawaii cat step-by-step.

I had an image of this cat in my head the whole week!

So when I sat down to draw it, the drawing “just came out”. No research, no struggle, no failed attempts. One of those rare times. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it when that happens.

I hope you’ll enjoy drawing this brave little kitty.

After the tutorial, I will share with you a few drawing tips to make sure your drawing comes out the best it can be. See you there!

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How to draw kawaii cat drawing tutorial

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A few drawing tips:

  • This kawaii cat has eyes that are larger than usual. Kawaii eyes are usually simple: just a solid circle or oval. But for this drawing I combined kawaii style and manga style to see if that would amplify the cuteness. What do you think?
  • Notice that our kawaii cat drawing has slight perspective. The back part of the kitty’s body is overlapping the front. The front legs are straight-on, while the back legs are sort of compressed at the back, because they are hidden by the body.
  • Check out the pink shadow below the kitty, and see how it’s casting a pink-ish light on kitty’s legs. This is a cool effect you can use in shading. This is actually what happens in real life: if you have a white ball next to a red ball, the red from the red ball will “spill over” to the white ball. It looks really cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

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